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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Globe require in order to give my company a firm quote on molds and products?

Globe prefers 3D solid model CAD drawings or an actual product.

Globe prefers drawings in Pro-Engineer, SolidWorks or AutoCAD. We can use most common file extensions i.e., dwg, stl, step, iges etc.

For a nominal charge, Globe can also convert your flat drawings to 3D solid model CAD drawings.

For a nominal charge, Globe can also create 3D solid model CAD drawings from your prototype or product or reverse engineer your product and create the necessary drawings for your approval.

What do Globe China plastic injection molds cost?

Depending on the complexity of the part & number of cavities in the plastic injection mold, from $1,500 dollars and up.

Rest assured, Globe plastic injection molds will be 50% to 75% less than U.S. made plastic injection molds.

How long do Globe plastic injection molds take to build?

Globe plastic injection molds can take as little as 25 business days to as long as 65 business depending on mold size, complexity and cavities.

What kind of warranty does Globe offer on plastic injection molds?

Globe plastic injection molds carry one of the strongest warranties in the industry.

ALL Globe plastic injection molds with separate hardened cores carry a minimum 300,000 CYCLE Warranty ( or longer ) while Globe is manufacturing your plastic injection molded products. For customers unsure of their production needs, we recommend our “coreless” molds with cycle warranties starting at 100,000 cycles and up. Same high quality parts – lower mold costs.

Globe will maintain your plastic injection molds for free and warehouse your injection molds for free for as long Globe manufactures your products. It is that simple.

Globe will also repair or replace your plastic injection molds FOR FREE should the plastic injection molds fail or need repair prior to the end of the cycle life, so long as Globe is producing the parts or products.

Will other companies repair or replace my plastic injection molds for FREE?

Very doubtful.

After the plastic injection molds are made, how long will it be before I see the first samples?

First Articles of inspection ( FAI's ) "samples" will arrive at your door within just several days of the plastic injection mold completion via FedEx or UPS. FAI's/Samples are free. The customer always pays the shipping charges.

How long will it take to manufacture my products?

Depends on a variety of factors such as the number of molds you have, the amount of cavities in the injection molds, the cycle times, the number of shifts we run, the number of days each week we work etc., etc.

You can be assured of 1 thing; GLOBE will do whatever it takes to meet YOUR schedule. If you need 24/7 production - you'll get 24/7 production!

How do I pay for the plastic injection molds and my production orders?

We require 50% of the plastic injection mold cost to start and the balance after you approve the samples. When you place your production order, 50% of the order is paid to start production and the balance of your order is paid before the order leaves our plant. Most customers pay by wire transfer or company check. We also take major credit cards, but the bank service is added to the transaction.

How long does it take for me to receive my order once it has left China?

Because it is much cheaper, most of our customers' goods will be sent ocean freight. Transit times from the China to the U.S. are very regular, dependable and fast - normally about 16 days China to Los Angeles/Long Beach, Ca.

The problem arises when the goods reach the U.S. The huge volume of China goods entering the U.S., understaffed U.S. Customs, 911 imposed regulations, USDA, FDA, inefficient & over-burdened U.S. Ports, unionized labor and congested rail lines all contribute to add 2 to 3 weeks time until you get your goods.

It takes less time to ship goods all the way from China to the U.S., than it takes to ship goods from Los Angeles to St. Louis!

So, about 35 days China to you, give or take a couple of days.

Some of customers ship small parts very economically ( versus ocean freight ) via FedEx. FedEx service from our plant to you in the U.S. is 3 days.

What happens if my goods are lost, damaged or stolen?

ALL goods manufactured and shipped by GLOBE are under our "blanket" insurance policies with the freight forwarders we contract with. Your order is always, automatically insured for the full F.O.B. value.